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Custom Tri Fold Leaflets Printing

From sales material to event programmes, folded leaflets make the perfect handout. We have a wide range of folding options available, including z-fold, c-fold, half-fold, roll fold and gatefold leaflets.

Tri Fold Leaflets Printing are a great option if you’ve got plenty to say that cannot be said on a poster or flyer. Whether it is a product brochure, instructional document, informational guide, or just something to distribute at an upcoming event you are hosting, Tri Fold Leaflets Printing are available in a variety of sizes and folding options.

Leaflets are an immensely popular marketing material. These can be used to promote your business, service or product in an effective manner. Tri Fold Leaflets Printing is a proven way of promoting your business. Leaflets are cheap, handouts that can be used to promote your business and attract new customers to your services. If designed properly and the right message is displayed then they hold the potential to drive significant traffic.

The design possibilities are endless with the many folding options of Tri Fold Leaflets Printing in A4 and A5. 6-page folded DL leaflets and 4-page folded A4 and A5 leaflets comprise our best-selling leaflet offerings. After you have determined that either one of these will fit your purposes, the number of pages will determine which folding type to select. Half-fold is a popular option for folded leaflets printing. This is because the paper is folded in half so parallel pages become one on top of the other. Consequently, this option works only for flyers with four pages. If you want six pages or more, you will need to employ another type of fold. The letter fold is commonly used in online leaflets printing. Dividing your paper into three or four widths by folding yields a Tri Fold Leaflets Printing with six or eight panels respectively

Different leaflet formats can be folded in different ways. We cover all standard folding types for your flyer printing campaign. Choose from half-fold, letter fold, cross-fold, and gatefold. In the case of folded leaflets, the paper is printed on both sides and then cut down the middle horizontally or vertically to create several panels. The paper used in our leaflet printing process weighs between 90 gsm and 250 gsm thick and has high gloss laminated or matte surfaces that offer excellent print results and are fingerprint-resistant. Besides folded flyers, we also print flat 2-pole or 4-pole or stitched brochures. Please note that flat leaflets cannot be printed on 100% recycled paper since they may tear when folded if they’re too thin.

You can add a touch of luxury to your leaflet printing by choosing one of our premium paper stocks. Matte laminated leaflets for a soft, velvety feel, textured or rough paper types and soft-touch laminated leaflets for an exclusive look.

Our exquisite folded leaflets are a great way of showcasing your business. Our extensive selection of paper stocks and finishing options like Spot UV, matte/gloss lamination and foil stamping means that we have the perfect leaflet printing solution for your needs. From simple black and white leaflets to full-colour Tri Fold Leaflets Printing, we can design and create something that will catch the eye.

Tri Fold Leaflets Printing, also known as brochure printing and flyer printing, is a classic way to get your message through. At Custom Printing Services, our customers use leaflets to advertise their business services or promote a product. Our affordable and versatile finishing options, including spot UV lamination or hot foil stamping, make your advertising materials stand out from the competition.

It’s an invitation that has to have just the right message, just the right style and just the right look. A wedding invitation is actually a communication of information about your plan for one of the most memorable days in your life. It should reflect your style, as well as give guests a glimpse of that special day after they open it up. Your wedding invitations should be printed on quality printing paper stock with a semi-gloss or high gloss finish. Both add depth and magnificence to the overall design and impression of your invitations.

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  1. Donna R. Mahaffey

    I just had to write and express my gratitude for the service you provide. I am a graphic designer and ordered some postcards through your site as a self-promotion marketing tool and couldn’t be happier with the results. The cards are very professionally printed and the whole process was seamless and without any problems whatsoever. I have never had such an easy print job in my 12 years as a graphic designer/production manager. Something always seems to go wrong on the pre-press/printing end, but this time nothing. I have found a home for all my client’s printing needs. What’s more, I can advertise as a printer, resell your services, and still undercut the prices of all the printers I used to do business with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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