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Custom Rectangular Clings Printing

Our Rectangular Cling Stickers are ideal for wrapping around bottles or food containers. With an adhesive that is designed to cling, your label will never leave a mess. Rectangular Clings Printing is also a great choice for labelling boxes and envelopes.

These stickers are made from a unique material that uses a special adhesive to stick to non-porous surfaces, such as glass and metal. Thanks to this, you can stick them to smooth bottles of oil or metal cans of beans, and they’ll stay in place until they are physically removed. Rectangle stickers are also easy to label boxes, list ingredients and give instructions.

Durable and versatile, our rectangle stickers are made from high-quality paper and adhesives that ensure your stickers will stick for as long as you need them to. Easy to write on, our rectangle stickers can be used for personal or business reasons. Great for labelling boxes and envelopes, or as a wrapper on bottles and food containers, they are perfect for baking businesses looking to label homemade items.

Rectangular Clings Printing is perfect for your business or special event. They will look right at home on most bottle and jar shapes, wrapped around your products to get customer attention. A large area for print on each rectangle sticker allows you to make the most of your very own design.

With our rectangle stickers, you can expect nothing but high quality from start to finish. We only use premium recycled materials for our Rectangular Clings Printing and all of our stickers are water-resistant, tear-proof and durable against weathering.

With their simple and clean design, rectangle stickers can simply be placed on packaging to make a product more eye-catching. From handmade jewellery boxes and honey jars to beer and wine bottles, the rectangle shape is by far one of the most versatile to choose from. We often find that our customers love to use rectangle stickers for promotional offers, business slogans and listing ingredients, as they can easily be wrapped around the product, no matter the shape or size.

These perfect rectangle labels can be printed on white or clear, self-adhesive material. Ideal for a wide range of promotional purposes, they are perfectly suited to the packaging of all sorts of goods. From beauty products and food to clothing and accessories, their simple shape can make all of your products look instantly better!

Your Rectangular Clings Printing will be individually inspected before being carefully packed to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. Our expert team will be more than happy to help you through every step of the design and print process, providing their experience and professional opinion when necessary.

Rectangular Clings Printing is perfect for the application of flat surfaces and stands out with a true adhesive-free, multitasking power. Equipped with a high-quality print and easy to remove from one location to another, our custom rectangle clings are an efficient solution for any indoor printing project.

We can make your clings in any size or shape you desire. They will work on any smooth, clean surface such as glass, metal or plastic. This makes them perfect for promotional use, as they can be applied to almost anything – windows and doors, mirrors, kitchen appliances and even computers. They are ideal for advertising promotions or special offers because they can be applied, removed and reapplied again and again.

For an added touch of class, have your stickers produced with our Rectangular Clings Printing service. Regardless of the quantity, of your order, each and everyone will be zealously personally checked by our devoted WePrint specialists. The print quality is guaranteed to be outstanding.

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