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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve

Give with style with these gold sleeve packagings. The boxes are made of cardboard, acid and lignin-free. Ideal to give away sweets or small gifts to your clients, business partners and friends. The design is very elegant and the box has a circumference of 100mm that fits perfectly in most Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve. It has a fixed lid, so its secure and perfect presentation will be guaranteed by our sleeves as well. The cardboards we use are corrugated cardboard with a smooth surface, with cork on the inside for better resistance and durability. The sleeves have an elegant plastic window which you can choose from different colours according to your packaging or branding needs.

With their rectangular shape and two different sizes, our insert packaging boxes go great with sweet chocolates, exotic cookies or small accessories. We offer them in several colours, but gold is the best match for goodies that would put smiles on faces.

Forget about regular packaging boxes, this is a gift box you never see on the market. It’s the perfect custom gift box with golden and silver foil stamping or embossing. You can use it as wrapping for a present and give it to someone who has always dreamed of owning a gold ingot or silver ingot. Also, you can take it to jewellery shops and put it on display in the store if you want to surprise customers.

Guaranteed to impress! A solid gold and metallic gold ingot shaped box designed for use as an Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve or jewellery display. The sleeve can be removed, making it easy to customise with the insert of your choice. Great for providing a large and concise area for promotional graphics or branding.

You won’t find anything else like it! Our insert packaging boxes are a great way to surprise customers with products. Complete with sleeves, these boxes give you more room for creativity. Use the gold colour on the inside of your box to add a contemporary touch and fill it with sweets or jewellery. With four sizes from small to large, we’ve got one that’s architected to fit every need. Customise them to suit your needs with our custom printing services too – this is one gift that people won’t want to return!

This golden cardboard tube, made with a classic honeycomb pattern, has been designed to hold sweets. It can also be used to make mini Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve. Made with cardboard that is offset over 50% of its total thickness, the insert pack has a sleeve where you can customise with your own branding and embellish with your company logo and printed promotional texts, such as ‘Thank You, ‘With Compliments’ or ‘Compliments of the House’!

Our set of high-quality Ingot Gift Boxes With sleeves is designed to match your products. We’ve got the paper, styles, and custom options you need to impress your customers. You can also choose from a variety of high-quality papers. Once your Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve is ready, you can opt for custom inserts and add text, graphics or logos for maximum impact. We have a huge collection of patterns, covering all the latest fashions and styles

Our Non-Woven Inserts come in two different prints and two sizes for you to choose from. Use them either as sleeves for our large-sized Ingot Gift Boxes With Sleeve or as gifts individually. They can be used as packaging boxes and come in different shapes and sizes. Our inserts are made from 100 per cent recyclable material, which means that they help to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and hence not cause any kind of harm to the environment due to their manufacturing process.

To give a true luxury gift, this box with a sleeve is everything you need. A fancy belt, allows you to close the pack and maintain its shape as a box for as long as possible. It is very convenient if you want to give gifts to several people, all at once. Additionally, if you don’t have enough time or budget for each one, this pack allows you to prepare your gifts in advance and give them at the occasion of your choice.

The insert packaging boxes are tailored for storing objects of all sizes and come with a belt as a closure. This uncommon design improves the aesthetic of your gift while protecting it from air and light. At the same time, the piece is easily removed to reveal the hidden stunning surprise within.

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