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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Hexagon Tray Boxes which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy Hexagon Tray Boxes at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Hexagon Tray Boxes

Hexagon Tray Boxes are completely eco-friendly and made from recycled material that is highly reliable in handling food items. Being available in various sizes, these boxes can store any food item or non-food item that you use daily. The larger the size of the tray box, the more space it consumes in your kitchen but it will provide you huge storage capacity to keep all your necessary items together in a single place.

These gorgeous Hexagonform Tray boxes are embellished with, these boxes are a perfect way to present your small, but precious gift items. The elegant and beautiful design of these boxes is a classy way of presenting gifts while they are beautifully wrapped. This facility adds value to the products being presented. These boxes add shine, elegance and durability to your product packaging. All the customers appreciate this particular kind of presentation at every step.

Hexagon is a flat-based or building shape that has six plane faces, straight and equal sides. The box has six square faces, rectangles and a central square which is an equilateral triangle. These boxes are held together with two 2 ply tapered bottom walls which are enclosed with double folds of the material. In fact, we are renowned in the industry for our exclusive developments in creating this type of box to serve and satisfy our customers by providing them with different hexagons called pyramid hexagons, interlocking hexagons, etc.

These boxes are light in weight, resistant and reliable for daily use. It has a clever design which is a result of research and development made by our team of experts. These Hexagon Tray Boxes make your products look good and protected for the clients as well.

Hexagon Tray Boxes perfectly pack your products and can be shipped to your place as Custom Hexagon boxes are designed for this purpose. The box comprises four sides which are all cardboard in construction. The sheets are kept together by means of glue or the tapes at the corners. Through the help of such boxes, you can easily ship your products across countries and can get them delivered in one go. From here, you can also benefit a lot.

Hexagon shaped custom printed shipping boxes are specially designed for packaging fragile products. Double-walled cardboard and high-quality material of box give them sturdiness and toughness. A large range of sizes is available with us so that you can shop the one which suits the size and shape of your product. These shipping boxes can be customized according to the need of customers, with their logos and other information printed on them.

Hexagon Tray Boxes can hold candies, food, and many other gift items. Hexagon Tray Boxes are designed in a hexagonal shape that enables you to store in up to six different designs. The use of the coloured transparent material gives it a beautiful look. You can purchase Hexagon Tray boxes at Custom Printing Services

The elegant and simple box shape is the perfect way to present your product and it can increase the elegance of the brand. Similarly, when you want to deliver your product, our hexagonal boxes are here to help you out. No matter which service you need, you can contact us and we will give you the best results that fit into your budget plans.

Tray And Sleeve Box Hexagon are also perfect for serving snacks and candies on special occasions. Showcase your products to the world with our uniquely designed high-quality cardboard boxes. There are several sizes available in which you can use to fit the product. For example, the small size is incredibly made to be perfectly fit your personalised heart-shaped chocolates while the large one is designed to hold a marriage cake.

The Hexagon Tray Boxes are a lightweight solution that has been tested to be collapsible. Available in a selection of colours and sizes, the boxes can be customised with the option of printing or branding to give your company a professional look. To deliver the goods, the boxes fit nicely into standard size cardboard boxes, so you can deliver them without an issue.

If you have a business or personal equipment, or anything that should remain in top shape, the Hexagon Tray Boxes will certainly give protection. These boxes are available in various stunning and gorgeous designs. All these are customized to meet your requirements. The printing done by us is done right here on our premises with utmost precision and perfection. An easy way to make sure your things stay secure through transport is to get them boxed up, which is exactly what we do with all of our products!

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    You do consistently good work — and fast! And I absolutely love the green aspects of your business — especially the really nice paper.

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