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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Hamburger Boxes which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy Hamburger Boxes at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Hamburger Boxes

Custom printed Hamburger Box are a niche industry within the fast-food establishment movement. Companies who specialize in hamburger box, and other restaurants that take a large volume of orders, want to arrive with their customers ready for transport. They look for durable, safe outer packaging. This is achieved by using a sturdy box and shrink wrap to protect it. The most common form of these boxes is a square or rectangle shape made from corrugated cardboard, however, the paper fold nature of this board allows for all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The hamburger box is a flat pack food container with straight sides and a bottom, made for serving hamburgers. The box is usually made of cardboard or paperboard, though it may also be made of plastic or aluminium. Many containers have lids designed to form a seal when the box is bent so that the contents stay fresh until the point of sale, where they can be removed from the box before being eaten. They are often used to serve fast food like hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, french fries and fish and chips.

The Custom Printed Hamburger Box from us are made from the only speciality high-quality grade corrugate board that makes it robust and reliable. Our custom printed cardboard boxes are durable so you can use them again and again. The print, colours and Logo design is often considered as the most effective way of getting the right kind of visibility. With new cutting technology, we can easily make a variety of boxes with variable designs.

Hamburger Box are very important because all the customers remember you as the person who sells them good-looking boxes. If you want to enlarge your business, so you should not avoid using our products. This is why we suggest you take a look at our material and style options and choose the best solution. Also, don’t forget that with us it will become easy for you to order a custom made Hamburger Box from us.

Branded Hamburger Box are used to deliver malted and non-malted fresh burgers. The boxes should be made of quality material so that can prevent the food from being dusty and it should be durable. The box has a handle for bringing it from one place to another. The material used for the production of these boxes should be corrugated paper, carton boxes, and thick cardboard if it is for delivery of high-quality burgers where the family members or friends gather together to enjoy their time as they do not have to think about cleaning of plates after making them messy with sauces. These boxes are now available in different sizes and prints that enable you to have an easy time while ordering online. Reliable printing produces long-lasting impressions on the Brown Cardboard Hamburger Box at Custom Printing Services

Printing Hamburger Box is done using offset lithography for the printing, UV coating and lamination for finishing. The boxes are made out of cardboard and can be finished with all kinds of box boards, such as online, or corrugated cardboard. The printing on our special, individually handmade Hamburger Boxes is done using four colour processes. We also offer printed Hamburger Boxes in a multitude of colours, including white:

We are able to deliver our high-end hamburger boxes in a short period of time. With our company, you can benefit from a variety of materials for fine dinner boxes which includes: Hamburger Boxes Cardstock, Metallic Laminated Hamburger Giveaway Boxes, and Custom Printed Hamburger Takeout Boxes.

When you order one of our hamburger boxes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability of our premium product. We make two types of boxes that are used to hold burger tickets. One is made from folded cardstock, which resembles a brown paper bag, while the other is a clear plastic coated box that has a button snap enclosure. Our paper hamburger box has a smooth finish and can be personalized with your company logo or other graphics.

If you are looking for the best possible packaging material for your hamburgers, you need The Hamburger Boxes wholesale offered by us. You also have the option to select from a variety of colours to personalize them in keeping with the colour scheme of your restaurant or event.

As one of the most experienced suppliers of premium quality boxes, Custom Printing Services is proud to offer the best in burger boxes wholesale. We can deliver exactly what you need and help you find the perfect box design for your budget. Any of our sturdy products will last for years, so invite fresh orders with confidence every time.

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