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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are premium boxes that are used for packaging. They have auto flaps on both sides in order to keep the products safe. This box has a pocket that is sturdy and gives extra strength to the bottom part of the box which helps in lifting a heavy product. These boxes come with two useful features that they have a great life cycle and provide safe and secure packaging to your products without any extra packing cost.

Have you ever tried getting a variety of products to stay safe and improve their look in a simple manner? If not, then get it done now by contacting Custom Printing Services, which have been serving the packaging industry for years. Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are a perfect example of the best packaging solutions made by them. These boxes are specially crafted to fit on your product according to their sizes so that you are able to add more products to it. These boxes are designed with extra padding material on the inside part of them, which helps in keeping the products safe from the cracks or any other damages that might be caused before reaching their destination.

Full Flap Auto Bottom boxes are used to carry heavy weight items. These boxes can have up to three uses, containing merchandise that needs maximum protection, presenting luxury items and as a way of moving goods from one location to another without worry. The Full flap Auto Bottom Box can also be a potential source of profit for retailers as many of them do not realize this option for additional sales.

Our Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are constructed from hard plastic. The Full Flap Box has a bottom that is more rigid and glued on rather than being just the bottom of the box. This allows heavy items to be carried and makes the bottom full size. To make room for these heavyweight items if need be, the bottom can be folded down. These boxes also have a lock hole drilled into them, as an option to use padlocks on them.

When you need to package products that are heavy in bulk but delicate in build, look no further than our Full Flap Auto Bottom cardboard boxes. This variety is unique in the fact that it neatly folds around the product itself – providing a stronger start point when it comes time to squash it all down at the bottom of the box. This means your custom printed Full Flap Auto Bottom cardboard boxes can provide a barrier that’s able to handle considerably more weight as well as safekeeping for important or breakable items.

Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are a common choice for packaging larger and heavier products. The full flap format of these boxes is a unique feature that takes advantage of the box’s bracing design and incorporates it into a strong bottom panel. Fully enclosed, yet easy to open, these boxes provide added protection for your products. When your customers think of top-of-the-line quality packaging, they will think of Custom Printing Services.

The custom Full Flap Auto Bottom boxes we create are appropriate for long-distance shipping as they are specifically designed to deliver products in one piece. Their adjustable bottoms alleviate the dangers of over-packing and products can be placed almost anywhere on the box. The boxes are easy to assemble and, though designed to manage heavy load, they can be erected by hand.

At Custom Printing Services, we are exceptionally knowledgeable about every aspect of the custom cardboard-box industry. Our Full Flap Auto Bottom boxes particularly stand out since they play an integral role in several industries. For instance, paperboard boxes are used for packing vehicle parts into larger units for shipping and transporting. They are also useful for packaging full-sized vehicles at showrooms because of their unique design, which is a cut above conventional shipper cartons.

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