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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Eyelash Packaging Boxes which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy Eyelash Packaging Boxes at wholesale and special prices.

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Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Eyelash packaging boxes are used for eyelashes, put eyelashes in them after storage, it will have a better effect to protect eyelashes. All of our packages have a hole on the top, you can hang it on the wall or pin it on your dressing table. Our packaging boxes are made of imported high-quality cardboard and they are decorated with beautiful pictures, can be given as a gift or used at home. Whether it’s a small gift or a gift for a friend of loved ones or yourself, give them our delicate packaging boxes as a way to let them know you care.

The eyelash packaging boxes are divided into brown boxes and pink boxes, the eyelash packaging boxes have a lot of different styles, such as printed pattern design, trace lines and matte surface design, all kinds of colours can be designed according to your box size and printing colour requirements. The exterior packaging boxes are mainly made from the best materials to print various patterns.

Our eyelash packaging is made of high-quality pink velvet material and eye-catching silver threads. With exquisite workmanship, the box frame is 3D and the zippers are made of metal. There are five fashionable patterns for optional use, you can choose the one you like or match it with different products that have different patterns to create a stunning visual effect, which will give a stunning visual effect.

Eyelash Packaging Boxes manufactured with high-quality polypropylene. With a special corner locking structure, it can avoid any scratches or water leakage during transportation. The outer carton design is based on the shape of an eyelash, which is beautiful and fashionable.

With a luxurious gold printed theme, these pretty eyelash packaging boxes reveal delicate and attractive eyelashes, which are good for women. The product image is with amazing design, which shows the beauty of eyelashes by its appearance.

These beautiful and decorative eyelash packaging boxes can be used as a gift box for any woman of any age who wants to apply eyelashes. The boxes are made from quality paper, the name of the product is printed on it in gold foil, the box has colourful themes, making the package look more elegant and luxurious.

The eyelash packaging boxes are made of plastic. The design is simple and beautiful. These boxes look luxurious, and there are many colours to choose from. They fit various kinds of lash products. I could get more customers by using these packing boxes.

Your day just got better! Our Eyelash Packaging Boxes are created to handle the shipping of eyelash products and keep them safe. There are several different sizes available such as dress boxes, microscope boxes, and gift boxes. The boxes can be made out of a variety of different papers and boards. These luxury packaging boxes feature inlaid doors with brass eyelet handles, a padded bottom inside, and glued interleaving panels on the inside and outside of the box.

Our custom eyelash packaging has received an award for creative design. It can protect your eyelashes in their natural state and keep them strong for a longer time. The packaging is luxurious and beautiful, making it the best way to transport your eyelashes to keep their quality.

Preserving the natural state of eyelashes is crucial to maintaining quality. The eyelash packaging boxes are packed in peat moss or sawdust together with the eyelashes, which provide a perfect environment for them to be kept in their natural state. Eyelashes packaged inside the packaging box can effectively prevent them from being polluted by air and light, and thus can save you money. To keep your business running effectively, develop a professional-looking packaging box that suits your brand.

The new trend that has been changing the packaging industry is Eyelash Packaging Box. These boxes have become the standard to distinguish your brand from competitors. They are classy, attractive and unique with their glossy finish adding extra value to your product. They are built using polypropylene material and are 100% recyclable. Every piece of the box is assembled by hand in a state-of-the-art facility in the UK.

Our market experts have earned us the name of a leader in eyelash packaging. We can offer you the most modern techniques in our products along with the best material for eyelash packaging and cases. Our services are specially designed for different clients. Technically, we never work on below‐standard products, so if you order from us, mark it down that we won’t disappoint you. We also take care of industrial designing and carry internet designing under our belt. All in all, clients have trusted us solely due to our reliability and dedication.

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