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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Double Wall Tray Boxes which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy Double Wall Tray Boxes at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Double Wall Tray Boxes

Double Wall Tray Boxes are a unique style of packaging. This kind of box is commonly seen in the food industry, but it can also be found in clothing, medical, and retail containers. Double Wall Tray Box have double-walled frames and are easy to store away or ship across the country. These trays with glued side panels allow for a simple installation and are made out of high-quality corrugate materials. The second wall, also known as an inner panel, is added to reinforce the bottom part of the box. Double Wall Tray Boxes are incredibly sturdy and great to use when shipping or storing items individually

No matter what your packaging needs might be, Boxes will always be your best choice when looking for a box to keep your little treasures safe. We have a wide assortment of different Double Wall Tray Boxes, featuring a shiny look and sturdy design. All of our products are 100% recyclable and made from post-recycled paper to help reduce the carbon footprint.

Our Double Wall Tray Boxes are excellent for a variety of contents including cosmetics, trinkets, and other small delicate items. We offer a wide range of designs using quality materials and prints. This box is not limited to standard size, shape, and design; it can be customized to your needs.

Double-wall tray boxes are an excellent decorative packaging solution for items that are important and delicate. The sturdy box encloses the internal item, while the second wall of material adds protection to the exterior. The double-wall construction makes this a very sturdy box, perfect for the presentation of useful and meaningful gifts.

Our Double Wall Tray Box are perfect for beach, picnic or get-togethers. This is the perfect solution for you to carry the foods and serve them to your loved ones. Also, you can pack your homemade cookies into this sturdy wooden box, or tidbit truffles; send to your guests when they leave. The surface of this metal keeps cool and put away moisture inside. This set comes in a printed gift box with matching tissue paper, kraft finished ribbon and Personalized Label.

Custom Printing Services produced a set of double wall tray box for us. They finished the job on time and delivered on budget. The print quality is excellent, we really like their work. We’re ready to use them in our next promotional giveaway campaign.

There are many features of the Double Wall Tray Box that cannot be found in any other type of carton. For example, because of their double-wall design, these boxes have become very popular in the garment and food industry. The double-wall feature makes it a perfect solution for packaging products with different weights. This is possible as the top and bottom walls of the box is double layers of cardboard with air inserted in between them. Apart from being able to provide greater support, this feature also prevents weight shifting during transit and protects products from damage.

Your products look significantly more appealing when present in these Double Wall Tray Box. No matter what you’re shipping, these sexy boxers are sure to catch the eye of your customers. The cartons are made from 100% virgin material, including a sturdy mixture of four types of paper and lightweight polyethene ribs. Both practical and appealing, double-wall cartons have a strong design that ensures your product arrives intact even in rough handling situations. The sturdy construction protects against damage while the attractive exterior adds value to any product.

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    Thanks Mustang Team! The cards arrived in great shape look perfect! We are continually pleased with your excellence, expertise, and courtesy with easy-going style, The speed in which you get your jobs out the door always amazes us! And…..thanks for keeping us in line when WE miss something too. Looking forward to our next job together.

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