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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique Cardboard tray which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy these unique Cardboard tray at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom Cardboard tray

We have changed the way of packaging, now you can use cardboard hamper trays to position your products! This tray is perfect for the transport of confectionaries (cupcakes, candies or cookies). If you buy it with a protector, you will take care of your environment by using recyclable material.

With this option, you can acquire cardboard hamper trays with accessories that are very useful for packaging your water-based or raw products. This is an affordable option to protect them from being dirty and reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do at the end of each day. It is important to note that this tray is not designed for preserving food, but only to move it. If you want something to preserve the food we recommend getting another option.

You can protect your products and make them more attractive to the consumer with cardboard trays. Cardboard trays are used in restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries as packaging for cupcakes, cakes and other pastries. If you buy cardboard trays you could acquire transparent covers that helpfully protect the product

If you are selling someone a cake, you would make beautiful packaging for this. Looks elegant, doesn’t it? Cardboard tray packaging will be perfect for the occasion. But it’s not all! The good thing about these pieces is that they do not get damaged easily and if you no longer need them, you can use them conveniently as normal trays or even as decorative elements! This will make your dining table look like a professional chef’s table.

Custom cardboard hamper trays Packaging made by Custom Printing Services, your source for quality products and unique merchandise. A perfect way to pack and serve your cakes or other sweet treats! From small children’s birthday parties to wedding receptions, or in-store displays, our Custom cardboard hamper trays Packaging is specially designed to fit nearly all of your treats. Not only that, but they make a lasting impression on any party guests or clients that have the pleasure of seeing this product at work during their big day – an excellent conversation piece that can be passed around, displayed at each table setting or used as a decorative element in its own right.

Custom cardboard hamper trays have a flat, rectangular shape and are designed for cakes, other sweets and desserts. The cardboard trays with holes are appropriate for transport in the foodservice industry.

cardboard hamper trays, baskets and totes from Custom Printing Services provide your business with lots of options for storage. We offer many styles for our customers to choose from. Our options include economical cardboard storage trays with solid bottoms, premium acrylic and clear plastic totes and bigger, sturdier wooden baskets to give you more storage options and organizational solutions than you may be used to.

All of our affordable cardboard hamper trays are lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Additionally, each one offers a wide range of uses whether you are looking for a small cardholder or a large display table for food items or retail merchandising. Order your wholesale cardboard tray at Custom Printing Services today.

We make it easy to find the perfect storage solution for your needs. Whether you’re shopping for sturdy cardboard hamper trays that can be used to hold small parts or a wood tray complete with handles, we have the best promotional product ideas for you! Our wholesale cardboard and wooden trays are practical yet sturdy enough for everyday use.

Bold, bright and built to last, our cardboard hamper trays are the perfect solution for your business’s storage needs. 100% recycled and recyclable, these handy organizers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes – like square boxes, gift baskets and round trays – to fit all of your materials. And there’s no reason to sacrifice on style with box-shaped trays in eye-catching colours like orange, green and blue.

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