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Custom A3 Posters

Beautiful posters deserve to be printed on the very best paper. Our A3 posters are printed on thick, premium 250gsm silk paper for ultimate results. We know you’ll be thrilled by the quality of our A3 poster prints: they look crisp and bright, with a silk finish that accentuates the print.

You can use many different programs to create your poster, but it’s important to know how to set up your canvas before you begin. We recommend using Word to get started because it’s a great way to learn the basics of creating an A3 poster that you’re proud of.

If you choose to design your own poster, first thing first set up your artwork file. Did you know that you can create your own poster using many popular programs, such as Word or PowerPoint? Or if you dabble in more complex design programs, why not create yours in Photoshop or Publisher?

Many A3 posters are used as a way of promoting events. Ensure your poster is eye-catching, informative and concise. Consider the message you want to convey and what will entice people to attend before you start designing. When you’re ready, use our easy-to-use online design software to create an engaging poster that gets your message across loud and clear.

Create a poster to inspire with your message. Premium A3 posters are printed on 250gsm paper and come with a matte or gloss finish. It’s important that your poster adds to the room, doesn’t dominate it and complements your home style.

Our A3 posters are a standardised format that picks up on the design principles of A2 and A1, by separating the poster once more into two clear spaces. The dimensions of an A3 poster are large enough to ensure all key messages are visible from a couple of metres away whilst being small enough to maintain impact and readability.

Our A3 posters are the ideal blank canvas to promote your business, whether it’s to advertise an event, business, or offer. Simply select a poster template, personalise it with the help of our easy to use design tools and get it delivered to your door.

All our posters are made with high-quality materials for sticking up and are printed in bold, vibrant colours for maximum impact. Our handy guides and tip sheets will help you get a handle on poster printing, from the best paper sizes to measuring your poster full bleed and trim sizes. With everything from guide sheets to process breakdowns and policy posters, you’re going to love creating a professional coffee shop poster with us.

Grand and glorious, the A3 Poster is the perfect canvas to let your design shine. The slimline border frames your artwork beautifully and at just over a metre in length, is sure to make a statement. Print on high-quality paper with attention-grabbing glossy or semi-glossy finishes to dazzle your audience and wow them with your big ideas.

The A3 posters stock has the largest dimensions available at our online poster printing. That makes it perfect for displaying advertisements in large sizes, like in shop windows. Our A3 posters are also ideally suited to displaying works of art at family reunions and birthday parties.

Durable and versatile, A3 posters are ideal for both business marketing and home displays. Use them as signage or window graphics, or on stage and in the classroom. We offer a range of customisable finishing options, including lamination to help protect your poster designs and mounting to give them a more sophisticated look. Our posters come in either a standard or premium paper option, printed on 130lb paper stock in our signature lustre finish.

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1 review for A3 Posters

  1. Madison Allen

    I’ve taken a look at everything and am TOTALLY satisfied. The great quality is only eclipsed by your awesome service. Best experience I’ve ever had in 30 years of dealing with printing. Your workflow, web and customer service systems continue to impress. In career #2 I was the CEO of a high tech venture startup that we ultimately got onto NASDAQ so I am very aware of both the chain of technology and required service model.
    My wife, Terry, has been a Proforma franchisee for over 10 years and she’s been blown away with the quality and service of CustomPrintingServices.
    I look forward to shipping more work north.

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