40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches

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In Custom Printing Services, we offer our customers unique 40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches which can be made and printed within 8-10 business days according to your requirement. You can buy these unique 40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches at wholesale and special prices.

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Custom 40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches

40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches with Zipper are well suited for a variety of products, requiring elegant, shiny and light barrier packaging. These pouches are designed in stand-up style with zipper closure and tear notches, which provide easy access to the product and resealability after opening. The pouches contain materials that protect food products against moisture, oxygen and general spoilage.

This 40G Black Shiny Stand Up pouch is a clear and robust high barrier food packaging structure that stands upright on the shelf, giving retailers more space. Your product will be noticeable through the clear part of the pouch, which is especially important if you want your consumers to see the beautiful natural ingredients inside and boost your brand image. It’s also effective when your packaging needs to contain several sides or have an unusual shape as you can still achieve a showcase-worthy effect using this format. In addition, this pouch provides the perfect way to store and protect fragile ingredients inside, such as nuts, crisps and crackers without compromising their quality.

These heat sealable stand pouches are crafted with comfort and exceptional quality in mind. With a smooth, shiny finish and matte window section to showcase your product, this is the perfect pouch for food-safe applications. Each pouch features a resealable zipper top, tear notch, and a bottom gusset that allows this pouch to stand upright when filled. Custom printing is available to add your company logo or product name.

Our 40G Black Shiny Stand-Up Pouches are a great choice for packaging your products. They have a unique tear notch, which is a small slit that allows for easy opening and closing of the bags. Our 40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches also include a clear window that displays the contents inside and are airtight thanks to their re-sealable zippers.

Stand up pouches or bags as they are also known, are a key part of the packaging world. They can be used to promote and market your product in an outstanding way. The pouches look amazing when displayed on shelves or in retail environments because they are easily visible to customers and will catch the eye of repeat shoppers. 40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches have been designed with convenience in mind, high clarity films which allow for excellent product visibility and have solid barrier protection against moisture, oxygen, odour, light and puncture resistance & extreme-low temperature.

Our 40G Black Shiny Stand Up Pouches are beautiful, protective and professional looking. The clean black print block of the matte finish makes your design shine. And it literally shines – these pouches are made with a front shiny look, with a matte black base finish on the backside.

Our stand up pouches are a perfect packaging solution for all products. Whether you are trying to pack food, chemicals, or even candy, our stand-up pouches will deliver a level of luxury not usually provided. With the rich black colour and gleaming finish, your bag is sure to impress your customers.

40G black shiny stand up pouches in the stand-up pouch marketplace are designed to be used for a variety of products including fresh foods, dry foods and various non-food items.

Stand up pouches are shipped flat until filled, and then stand up on their own. The front can be clear or printed with a high-quality flexo press. Stand up pouch bags are built to protect freshness and aroma in products such as; coffee, tea, dried fruit, snack foods, cookies, chocolate and pet food. They also provide exceptional performance when packaging cosmetics, chemical powders or any products that require protection from oxygen or moisture. The pouches are equipped with a tear notch at the top of the pouch to allow easy opening after sealing.

As demand was increasing for consumer products the demand for packaging in the form of pouches also increased. Stand up pouch is a type of flexible packaging bag that is totally different from regular pouches. It has its own reputation and popularity among the packers and consumers.

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