Pillow boxes

            There are many gift ideas these days that revolve around personal care. This is why pillow gift box is a good idea if you want to give a friend or partner a gift. You can buy large pillow boxes if the person receiving the gift is not a fan of small gifts. Businesses can also buy and sell oversized pillow boxes for storing a variety of things.
Pillow boxes UK come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Black pillow boxes are in vogue because the combination of black with any colour is impressive. You can also give pillow boxes with a window. If the gift is beautiful or shiny on the inside, the recipient can see it through the window.

Wholesale pillow boxes

As a business or business, you can wholesale pillow boxes and sell your wares there. Companies looking for loose pillow kits then adapt them to their monthly theme.

Portable pillow boxes

To facilitate the transport of the white pillow boxes, pillow boxes with handles are now available. These pillow bags can be carried easily. Your consumers will love these small pillow boxes with handles. You can store your small accessories or gifts in these boxes. Custom Printing Services specializes in this type of cardboard box because it is new.

Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale

As a business, you will definitely want to buy wholesale boxes because they are cheaper. You can also customize them. For example, Christmas pillow boxes are perfect for the Christmas season and are sold as pastries during this time.

You can also order custom printed pillow boxes. People bought them as gifts to their friends who got married or on any happy occasion. Adding a gift paper pillow box would make the whole gift or Christmas occasion even more personal. The Christmas pillow bab wrap can be filled with candy, seasonal treats, and packs of hot chocolate or cocoa.

Large wholesale pillowboxes

You can choose between different sizes and types. Large boxes have room for more. Most high-end brands like Mango sell your accessories as handmade pillow boxes wallets. So, if you give someone a wallet or watch, you can put it in your pillow box. Large boxes can also be used for book donations and the like. Gold pillow boxes are in trend because most people love the contrast between gold and white.

Choose your material

The pillow packs are made of different materials and you can choose the one you like best. Some materials are more durable than others, while others are more durable. Likewise, the price also varies depending on the type of material you have chosen. A paper pillowcase costs less than a cardboard pillowcase. You can also choose corrugated cardboard pillows or kraft paper pillows. These materials are stronger and hold well when the inside is thicker and heavier.

Choose your design

If the material is defined, you can also select the desired design. You can choose printed pillow boxes. If you don’t want to print, you can choose a pillow boxes in a different color, for example. B. Pink pillow. They are suitable for little girls or for those who love pink. For general use, wholesale black pillow boxes are a bestseller.

Choose the Size

If you need boxes for small accessories or cosmetics, you can opt for mini pillow boxes. On the other hand, wedding pillow boxes are generally larger. Indeed, these boxes hold more important gifts such as photo frames, kitchen utensils or home accessories. With custom printing services, various sizes are available to suit any need.

Send pillow boxes

Once all is done, the boxes can be sent. Delivery usually takes about a week and you need to order in advance. For example, if you buy a large number of pillow boxes bulk, you should order them in advance. Likewise, making custom pillow boxes takes time. This is because the company needs to change its standard style and adapt the product to the style of your choice. If you don’t want to be disappointed, book some time. Companies can opt out of monthly orders. For large orders, you are usually entitled to free shipping.

Get an offer

Receive an offer before proceeding. If there are any additional requirements, please add them to the company’s order page as well. The price varies according to your needs, the colour of the box, the size of the box and the number of boxes you order. The proposal will help you figure out what budget you should have for your purchase. As a business, it helps you manage your money well. You can also ask different companies for a proposal and then see which is the most important.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking to sell pillow boxes in Canada and are looking for a company that can meet all of your needs, then custom printing services are right for you. The company has been a leader in packaging for over ten years, so you will find the final product quite satisfying. Be it the regular red pillow boxes you want to order for a wedding or a corporate gift box. Enjoy a personalized printing service with incredible productivity and years of experience.

Wholesale custom pillow boxes

Pillows are unique packaging boxes that are mainly used for gift wrapping. This is a unique way to give gifts to your beloved recipients. It is an easy way to send gifts to your loved ones on different special occasions like Christmas, New Year, wedding, etc. These attractive boxes can be used for original gift wrapping. … These boxes can be supplied in various shapes and sizes according to the customer’s needs. The endless decorative printing possibilities of the box also surprise the buyer.

How to make pillowboxes

Pillow boxes are available in a variety of themes and finishes. They can be made from different materials such as kraft, cardboard, cardboard, etc. They can be customized in attractive shapes and sizes. You can add a panel to improve the visibility of these products. The use of vibrant and on-trend color combinations makes these boxes even more attractive. Color techniques are used, including CMYK / PMS. Adding a handle to the pillow box makes it portable for the buyer. Easy to use boxes are the most demanding.

Large pillow boxes

In terms of printing services, box decorating, and decorative accessories like sparkly cords, silk ribbons, bows, eye-catching label buttons, lace and more, they do it amazingly. Distinctive boxes can be used to reflect the type of gift you are giving. Cool designs, stylish themes, and more can make these boxes great for shoppers. This increases the sales of the product in question. Give a beautiful pillowcase with a chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day. You can add some creativity by printing these boxes in different styles. Jewellery, postcards, cosmetics, etc. can be offered in these pillow boxes. Handmade soap can also be wrapped in these boxes.

Pillow boxes bulk

These personalized pillow boxes are the perfect choice for events such as wedding gifts. To make such an event even more enjoyable, the bride and groom should have exclusive gift boxes for their guests. Baby shower pillow boxes are usually pink or blue. Spectacular shade.

Why we?

Are you looking for packaging boxes with unique designs and decorations? We have best-selling packaging boxes to meet your packaging needs. Get the best packaging solution. We also offer you the opportunity to create your own design and perfect it by our experts. These personalized pillow boxes are also used to send a birthday card to your loved ones.

We prefer

  • First-class printing service
           We use digital, offset and silk-screen art printing techniques to improve the print quality of your pillow boxes. While we have set the lowest price on the market, we make sure this doesn’t affect quality.
  • Quick answer
           Due to the high quality of production and printing, we guarantee the timely execution of the order. Timely delivery of products is our priority.
  • Free shipping
           We offer free shipping to UK businesses.
  • Environmental
           By using 100% biodegradable substances, we ensure that we fulfill our commitment to minimize land-based waste and improve the product’s position in the market.
  • Customer Service Center
           Our experts are available 24/7 to answer any questions you answered when ordering custom pillow boxes.

To receive the boxes, please email us at [email protected] Or contact us by phone +44 20 3290 0516

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