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Wholesale gift boxes and gift boxes in the UK

When you like someone so much that you can buy them a gift, you need to find a gift box to reinforce your efforts. At Custom Printing Services, we sell British gift sets for all tastes. As each of our packaging boxes are sturdy, you can rest assured that your gift will be safe the moment you wrap it.

Quality Gift boxes

If you are looking for gift boxes, we have something for you. If you want the recipient of a gift to know it’s special to you, look for a gift box decorated with ribbons and bright colours. Alternatively, you can try one of our pre-decorated rigid boxes. Each rigid box has a unique design, from simple polka dots to intricate decorations. By purchasing gift boxes from our rigid assortment, like Box For Bouquets you are purchasing a quality product that will delight the recipient.
Wholesale niche design packaging boxes.

If you shop wholesale gift boxes online, you can explore our niche designs. From chocolate gift boxes to take-out boxes, our customers across the UK love our unique approach to packaging. When you buy Flower packaging boxes from us in the UK, you can also choose from a variety of simple options. When you buy Cube gift boxes with sleeve, you have the option to decorate them yourself. This is especially useful if you want to add your branding.

Where to buy attractive gift boxes?

At Gift Wrapping & Accessories, we go one step further when it comes to gift boxes. Our Dimond Shaped gift box include magnetic closures that prevent the lid from opening. We not only supply magnetic lids with our standard gift boxes, we also add them to our wine gift boxes. If you are the type of person who likes to give away more than one bottle, we also have double boxes of wine.

Custom Printing Services is committed to producing high-quality handmade gift boxes in the UK and overseas. Our passion for a maximum performance inspired us from the start and continues to motivate us to this day. We are proud of Custom Printing Services excellent shopping (crafts) experience and the long-term relationships we have established with our customers. Customers return to the gift box factory (production) knowing they will find what they are looking for. If we don’t have it, then it will. We have a very knowledgeable team who love to work and build boxes, feed their families and love to be creative.

We offer

Our online assortment of Flanged gift boxes with Lid offers all kinds of beautiful designs for sale. From small to large gift boxes and everything in between, find the perfect match for your hottest gift. There are also tablet boxes and kits of different sizes to keep it secret until a lucky recipient opens it. Choose the perfect gift box for any use! At Custom Printing Services, we offer you a variety of beautifully designed and printed gift boxes for any occasion. We have a large selection of gift boxes for corporate and luxury goods.
Boxes for Different purposes

Gift boxes are available for any purpose. At Custom Printing Services, we have a wide range of recycled gift boxes for all types of gifts and products for any occasion. This includes cardboard boxes suitable for sending gifts to retailers or your online store. We also offer Chinese take away gift box in a variety of colours, perfect for DIY crafts or exhibits, to luxury gift boxes perfect for your more expensive high-end items. We sell from small to large companies with no minimum order quantities. Our line includes jewellery gift boxes, stationery boxes, e-commerce packaging boxes, photo boxes, Flat Pack Pen Gift boxes and more. Suitable for apparel, accessories, product samples, cosmetics and beauty products, business and home furnishing products, etc. If you can’t find a box of the style you want, ask us why we are constantly expanding our assortment and there may be boxes available to suit your needs. Alternatively, we can customize the boxes according to your needs. Our customized version is popular with large companies looking for a new look. Most of the boxes are made from recycled cardboard with a durable forest paper coating.

Most of the articles are printable. Larger boxes are an exception as they are too big for our printers. But please call us for the details. Please note that all dimensions of our box are internal.

Box Designs

Personalize and grow your brand with gift bag with cord . Enter our design studio and customize your gift boxes right away. First, the design of the box. Discover our gift boxes and our die-cut gift box designs. If you already have a box design, you want a quote. If you’re not sure which box layout is best for your product, we recommend you try Pinterest, the largest visual recognition tool in the world. For example, you can wrap flowers, write planter designs, and there are thousands of ideas to choose from.
How to personalize your article

  • Once you have selected the item you want to customize, go to our design studio. Once in our design studio, you can go through the design process and create, upload or add your own graphics.
  • When you create graphics in Design Studio, you can choose from many categories and thousands of images to make your graphics truly unique.
  • When you have a piece, place it on top of the item.
  • Once you’ve placed the image on your item, it’s ready to view.
  • To check
  • The text is correct, correctly composed and legible.
  • The colour is correct and stands out against the background.
  • The position of the illustration is correct. Nothing overlaps or gets too close to the edges.
  • The images are clear and not blurry. If your artwork is patchy, pixelated or distorted, your order may be rejected and delayed.
  • After viewing and completing the trial, simply add your item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Personalised gift boxes can be heat-stamped on one side in a single colour. The hot stamping method uses an engraved plate, heat and pressure. During this process, a custom aluminium stamp is placed on your box. The result is a shiny, shiny surface with sharp edges. The overall look is elegant and exclusive.

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